Poem I’ll Rise ~ 2013


for you, for whom my love is so forthright
while.. I still feel the need to narrate my adulation
my state of mind seems to glow so bright
it seems an inevitable, by our passion nurtured, creation

we present
we perceive
we amend
we receive

Our cognations are falling into place and they converse
into our effortless, yet unmovable unified mindset
it causes these staggering circumstances in my universe
for you, because you are the one I can not forget

we dazzle
we accept
we razzle
we adapt

for you, since you will be the bearer of my heart
nevertheless we will need preserve our individuality
seeing that our distinctive identities is what sets us apart
creating the most uncommon, however essential, sensuality

we unite
we prize
we side
we rise

Photo Rise 2013

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